The Dean of Armagh - Gregory Dunstan
has compiled prayers - suggested for use
around United Nations Day - Saturday 24th October 2015

We encourage our Churches to pray for the United Nations and its work.

On UN Day, which this year will be marked on Saturday 24 October, recognition will be given to the work of the UN at the start of its seventieth year.

The purpose of the United Nations is to bring all nations of the world together to work for peace
and development, based on the principles of justice, human dignity and the well being of all people.
It affords the opportunity for countries to balance global interdependence and national interests when addressing international problems. 

We would request that your Church calls to mind our unity as children of God and our individual responsibility to work together for peace and understanding among all. With your own prayers we offer new prayers, thoughtfully written by Dean Gregory Dunstan, Dean of Armagh.  The Dean’s prayers have been sent to churches and faith groups throughout Northern Ireland, and we hope that they will be heard widely within the Church of Ireland. 

They can be found on the website: