Middletown Parish Community Hall committee
purchase 3 defibrillators
for Tynan, Aghavilly and Middletown

A defibrillator project which was the vision of the committee of Middletown Parish Community Hall which was newly built and opened a year ago has recently become a reality. The committee organised a Can’t Cook Won’t Cook event in the hall and the chefs for the evening were Rev. David Hagan (Middletown Presbyterian Church), Fr. Sean Moore (St. Joseph’s Chapel, Middletown), Mr. E.C. Hughes (local businessman) and Rev. Matthew Hagan (St. John’s Parish Church, Middletown). The evening raised £1,624.00 and was well attended by both sides of the community. In addition to this a substantial donation was given by E. C. Hughes, Middletown. A substantial donation was also received from The Friends of Tynan Surgery.
In total almost £5,000 was raised to purchase three defibrillators, the external storage boxes and the essential training in CPR and in how to use the defibrillators.

In the photo are Mrs. Diane Irwin (Treasurer), Mrs. Mandy Leyburn (Media Manager), Mrs. Amy Eakin (Treasurer, The Friends of Tynan Surgery), Rev. Matthew Hagan (Chairman, Middletown Parish Community Hall Committee),
Mr. Robert Leyburn (Hall Manager), Mr. E.C. Hughes, Middletown and Mr. James Irwin (Assistant Treasurer)
pictured with the three defibrillators for Tynan, Aghavilly and Middletown.

The defibrillators have now been purchased and have been placed in the villages of Tynan and Middletown and are located outside Tynan Pharmacy and outside Middletown Post office. The third Defibrillator is located outside Aghavilly Parish Hall. The three defibrillators were purchased from The Cormac Trust, Benburb who also provided the essential certified training. A total of 34 people in the Tynan, Aghavilly, Middletown, Caledon and Killylea areas have been professionally trained and have received their certificates in CPR and Defibrillator training.

The defibrillators in each location – Tynan, Aghavilly and Middletown are registered with the Northern Ireland Ambulance Service so that when someone dials 999 for an ambulance they will be given the four digit code for the defibrillator box. The defibrillators are available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. The Cormac Trust also have first responders who can be alerted and will also attend an incident.

Rev. Matthew Hagan (Chairman of Middletown Parish Community Hall) commented that “The hall committee had the vision that on completion of the building of Middletown Parish Community Hall a defibrillator would be provided in Middletown for the benefit of all the members of the community on both sides of the border. “ Rev. Hagan also stated that “thanks to the generosity of local people who attended the Can’t Cook Won’t Cook event, the generosity of Mr. E. C. Hughes and the generosity of The Friends of Tynan Surgery the hall committee are delighted to have been able to purchase not only one defibrillator but three.” In this rural area of Co. Armagh these defibrillators will be of great benefit to the community.