St Columba's Portadown
Help with Christmas Salvation Army appeal

The photo shows a ‘mountain’ of toys and gifts donated during Family Service at St.Columba’s Parish in Portadown on Sunday 3rd December . The donations were made in response to Captain Lisa Cunningham’s appeal for help for some 100 needy families over the Christmas season . Sunday School classes initiated the appeal , supported by teachers , parents and friends . It is a major task for the Salvation Army , to check each gift , and allocate to each family , as appropriate. A similar load of items was delivered for The Food Bank Appeal ; this was given by Parishioners , and from members of Slimming World who use the Parish Hall for their meetings.
The colourful photo was taken in the Salvation Army church , it was received by Jim Jeffers , one of the Army officers , accompanied by Joyce Anderson and Thomas Stevenson who were much involved in this appeal .