St Columba's Portadown Mothers' Union

The Mothers Union of St.Columba's Parish , Portadown , recently held a coffee morning in their church hall.
Not only was it an information event to remind people of the great work being done overseas,
but it was an opportunity to highlight the very worthwhile things being done 'at home '.
Visitors were shown Comfort Teddies for traumatised children in hospital or elsewhere, Toiletries for folk with sudden on unexpected hospitalisation , Fiddle Blankets which help to occupy people affected with Dementia.

There was opportunity to underline the many events which are organised in the Armagh Diocese -- the Festival Service,
The Overseas Meeting, the Fit for Life evening, the annual Prayer Walk ( on Mary Sumner Day ) ,  the Rural  Deanery Services,
and this year The Ladies Prayer Breakfast on Sat. 28th November.
Such occasions ,along with the monthly Branch Meetings, have served to create lasting bonds of friendship and help
to deepen spiritual life.  
Over 100 ladies attended the St. Columba's event, many expressing fresh interest in Mothers Union activities.   


St Columba's Mothers Union Members are pictured below:
Brenda Johnston , Maureen McCarten , Anne Hayes,
Joan Adair (enrolling member ) & Myrtle Stevenson