A Statement from the Archbishops and Bishops
of the Church of Ireland
following the Result of the Marriage Referendum (RoI)


The archbishops and bishops of the Church of Ireland wish to affirm that the people of the Republic of Ireland,
in deciding by referendum to alter the State’s legal definition of marriage, have of course acted fully within their rights.

The Church of Ireland, however, defines marriage as between a man and a woman,
and the result of this referendum does not alter this.

The church has often existed, in history, with different views from those adopted by the state, and has sought to live with both conviction and good relationships with the civil authorities and communities in which it is set.
Marriage services taking place in a Church of Ireland church, or conducted by a minister of the Church of Ireland
may – in compliance with church teaching, liturgy and canon law
– continue to celebrate only marriage between a man and a woman.

We would now sincerely urge a spirit of public generosity, both from those for whom the result of the referendum
represents triumph, and from those for whom it signifies disaster.


Issued by:
The Church of Ireland Press Office
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