Fresh Expressions/Pioneer Ministry

A team of 7 people from the Diocese of Armagh recently took part in an “IDLE” – an Inter Diocesan Learning Experience.
In reality we were far from idle and were actively involved in a 24 hour session working together as a group reflecting on “fresh expressions of ministry/pioneer ministry” for our Diocese.

Alongside us were similar teams from 2 other Dioceses – Meath & Kildare and Kilmore, Elphin & Ardagh. This is the second “IDLE” for the Church of Ireland. In 2017, the Dioceses of Connor, Dublin & Glendalough and Tuam, Killala & Anchonry, started off on their journey which is continuing.

The event was facilitated by Canon Kerry Thorpe, who has extensive experience of church planting in England and has more recently been Mission & Growth Advisor for the Diocese of Canterbury.

The Armagh team consisted of Archbishop Richard Clarke, Archdeacon Terry Scott, Archdeacon Andrew Forster,
David Boyce (Drumcree Parish), Kerry Stewart (Drumglass Parish), Valerie Thom (Church Army and Diocesan Evangelist) & Jonathan Hull (Mullabrack Parish and Diocesan Communications Officer).

We were asked to focus on 3 broad headings:

What is:
Looking at current reality.
Seeing the big picture.
Sharpening our focus.

What could be:
Exploring the possibilities.
Clarifying our vision.

What will be:
Committing to action.

The Armagh team are currently finalising our action plan and we look forward to sharing this with you in the near future. In the meantime the team would value your prayers, as we seek God’s guidance and His will for this initiative and what it could bring to the Diocese of Armagh and as we all aim to play our part,
in the work of the Kingdom of God.