A message from the Director of Census and Population Statistics, NISRA

The census happens only once every ten years and gives a picture of all the people and households in Northern Ireland. The information collected is used to help make decisions about how vital public services such as education, transport and health are planned and funded. All households in Northern Ireland will have received their census pack or letter in the post. I would very much appreciate if the Church of Ireland would share a few key messages about the Census with congregations. Ideally in messages/sermons on Sunday 21 March.
• The Census is really important and is used by our Government to assess the need for public services. It is important for your family, for your community, for your local area and for all of Northern Ireland.
• An example of how the Census is used – the number of vaccines available to Northern Ireland from London is based on population figures from the Census.
• However, it is not all about Government, the Census along with our church records provides a family history record for us all.
• Some people may have filled out their census already – that’s great. Can everyone in the congregation make sure that they fill out their Census this weekend.
• The Census is easy and safe to fill out online or on paper. If you need support visit the census website census.gov.uk/ni/help or you can call the census team for free on 0800 328 2021. 

 Dr David Marshall Director of Census and Population Statistics, NISRA www.census.gov.uk/ni @NICensus2021