Ordained Ministry

Considering the Ordained Ministry of the Church of Ireland

If you are considering the possibility that you might be called to the Ordained Ministry – then the first step is to go and discuss this with your rector. If you and your rector both agree that there might be a calling to discern – the next stage is for your rector to recommend you to and set up a discussion with your local Diocesan Director of Ordinands. If he or she likewise feels there is a calling to discern then they will probably recommend that you enroll in the Foundation Course – full details of which you can find here. This course is designed to assist you in the process of discerning your call as well as preparing you academically for the subsequent Master in Theology Course. This Course begins in February/March each year and lasts for about a year. During the course of that year you will also be invited to meet your Diocesan Bishop who will decide on your suitability for attendance at a Selection conference. Towards the end of the Foundation Course year if recommended for selection you will be invited to attend a Selection Conference and if accepted at that conference will be free to begin your studies for Ordination training the following September. This involves completion of the Master in Theology programme, details of which can be found here.