Derryloran Annual Easter Vestry 2015

At the Annual Easter Vestry held recently in Derryloran Parish Hall the Rector, Canon Norman Porteus, in his Presidential Address
drew attention to the challenge John Sculley once received in a business proposition:
do you want to come with me and change the world?"
The Canon added: “That is the challenge Jesus presents to the church today –
to change the world and our community by our words & deeds of love…
We are His hands and mouths in the world today!
We celebrate another busy year in the life of the Parish and commend the dedicated support of so many parishioners in the past year. To maintain all this required financial commitment, and, as we look to the future, it is important that we continue to maintain a high level of giving – difficult though that continues to be in the continuing time of recession.”
Referring to Parish life, he continued, “We pay tribute to so many faithful workers in the Parish:
Church Wardens – Messrs Roy McCollum & David Bournes, the Glebe Wardens, Secretary, Treasurer, Select Vestry, Parochial Recorder, Caretakers in church & hall, Groundsman, Organist, Choir, Sunday School teachers, organisation leaders - & so many others involved in the life & work of Derryloran, not least my colleague,
Canon Drew Dawson who continues his faithful ministry in the parish & Altedesert,
and our Parish Readers, Raymond Bradford, Ron Griffin and Wilfred Young.
Within the past year our thoughts have been with Joan and the Carson family in the death of Bertie who gave sterling service to the Parish in many roles, including that of Church Warden. More recently we mourned the passing of Gladys Crooks and extend our sympathy to her husband of many years, our faithful colleague, Alex.
It has been yet another busy year in the parish...  Weekly Parish activities continue with the Halls in full use each evening of the week. Sunday Services provide a wide range of liturgy in a variety of services to suit all tastes and ages.”

This year’s appointments were made as follows:

Church Wardens:
Rector’s: David Bourns
People’s: Trevor Rollins

Glebe Wardens:
Rector’s: Gordon Johnston            
People’s: Sloss Wylie;
Raymond Bradford  (R)  - 
Ivan Johnston (P).

Select Vestry:
Felicity Bournes, Raymond Bradford, Bobby Dickson, Nigel Ferguson,
Ron Griffin, Ivan Johnston, Alistair Laird, Eileen McCartney,
Diane McGucken, Ron McVitty, William Stewart and Romey Walmsley.

Secretary: Eileen McCartney. Treasurer: Ivan Johnston